Sweeper GTH-ZMS

Sweeper GTH-ZMS

Machine description

Built-in design of the sweeper, which significantly reduces the amount of dust that comes out during operation.
The sweeper uses cylindrical brushes with a diameter of 550-600 mm mounted on a 50mmx50mm square axis.
We can choose between mix polypropylene brushes plus steel or only polypropylene.
In the sweeper, we have a standard terrain copying system, i.e. the sweeper moves around the ground regardless of the loader in a ratio of 15% (floating system).
Standard container emptying using a hydraulic cylinder
Quick central brush height adjustment on both sides.
Setting the sweeper under the account left right mechanically or hydraulically for an extra charge
The ability to lock the container in the open position and sweep forward.
Gates Premium hydraulic lines 330 bar
A rubber blade in a bucket for collecting dirt
One of the most important components in the sweeper are wheels of proven design

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technical data

  • wheel diameter 250 mm to overcome major unevenness

  • wheel width 80 mm treadmill made of rubber with a thickness of 40 mm for operation in temperatures -30 + 80 degrees

  • hub made of high-strength cast iron

  • welded fork with a unique rotation system without maintenance

  • wheel mounted with a fi 30 pin and two large bearings

  • large displacement of the wheel axis in relation to the axis of rotation allows for faster work above 20 km / h.

  • each wheel will carry a dynamic pressure of 1.5 tons


Additional options

  • Side brush with a diameter of 550 mm, all-round adjustable with the bumper (SB)
  • brushes can be a mix of steel-polypropylene, steel, polypropylene or braided lines for weeding
  • speed control or turning off the side brush
  • folding up

A sprinkler system (Z) will be required for sweeping on dry days.

  • container entirely made of aluminum with a capacity of 105 l other volumes on request.
  • vent with vent, water filter, Shurflo 12V 5.3 l / min pump, nozzles

Electro-hydraulic turn to set the sweeper under the angle of left right 10 degrees (H). The sweeper is painted with a durable powder paint

  • 1.6 m weight 390 kg garbage can capacity 0.2 m3
  • 1.8 m weight 415 kg garbage can capacity 0.24 m3
  • 2.0 m weight 440 kg garbage can capacity 0.27 m3
  • 2.2 m weight 465 kg garbage can capacity 0.30 m3
  • 2.4 m weight 500 kg garbage can capacity 0.33 m3
  • 2.6 m weight 530 kg garbage can capacity 0.36 m3
  • Side brush 550 mm diameter 30 kg

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