Concrete mixer GTH-MBMSD

Concrete mixer GTH-MBMSD

Machine description

The bucket with the mixer, model GTH-MBMSD, is designed for machines with a lower lifting capacity, e.g. mini loaders and small tractors. Mixers are available in capacities of 100, 200, 300, 400 l

The concrete mixer is an accessory for construction machinery that allows for the effective production of concrete on the construction site. It allows for the construction of cement bedding, dry and wet concrete with a strength up to C20 / 25, with the use of aggregate up to 32 mm.
A bucket with a mixer allows you to minimize the cost of concrete production practically to the cost of raw materials: aggregate, water and cement, while the depreciation costs of the equipment do not change significantly. The bucket with a mixer performs well even in the most difficult conditions, working exactly where you need concrete, whether you need a cement bed for paving or strong concrete.

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technical data

  • structure made of high-strength steel, 4mm thick
  • replaceable hard-wearing steel inserts are used in the mixing chamber
    12 mm thick stirrer with bolted pins and feet
  • drive through the gear of the Italian manufacturer Berma RT 160 and the hydraulic motor SMR 160
  • agitator drive practically maintenance-free oil change every 500 h
  • abrasion resistant blade, 110×16, hardness HB 500
    on the back of the foot spoon to place the spoon
  • trigger in the middle of the bucket, fi 160 mm, opened with a hydraulic solenoid valve
  • Model GTH-MBMSD
    – gear cover
    – a safety grate with teeth for tearing the bags, screwed on
    – UCF 208 FAG agitator support bearing
  • 1.1 m weight 300 kg nominal capacity 200 l
  • 1.3 m weight 350 kg nominal capacity 300 l
  • 1.6 m weight 400 kg nominal capacity 400 l

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