Bucket 3in1 GTH-3in1S

Bucket 3in1 GTH-3in1S

Machine description

The multi-purpose bucket offers unmatched versatility and lets you easily switch between the following tasks:

  • Load and transport like a normal bucket
  • Opening the jaws, dumping the material with the bottom of the bucket increases the unloading height
  • Bucket opening and cutting edge digging
  • Grasp. • Grinding and leveling by opening the floor

This makes the Multi Purpose Bucket an increasingly popular tool for use in agriculture, road construction and more, but also in other areas where efficient tools with maximum flexibility are required.

If you’re looking for the highest possible performance, a multi-purpose bucket is the right choice.

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technical data

  • Both the bottom and rear of the bucket are chambered for torsional rigidity and high structural strength
  • The bucket is equipped with three 16×110 wear-resistant blades, hardness HB 500
  • At the bottom, where wear is highest, the sides are reinforced.
  • The bucket can be equipped with bolted teeth for very heavy duty work
  • Made of high-strength Alform 700 steel
  • Bolts fi 30 made of C45 quality steel, galvanized
  • Movable places for lubricated plain bearings
  • Hydraulic pipes DN10 2SC
  • 1.4 m, weight 320 kg vol. 0.35 m3
  • 1.6 m weight 320 kg vol. 0.4 m3
  • 1.8 m, weight 360 kg vol. 0.46 m3
  • 2m3 weight 400 kg vol. 0.52 m3
  • 2.2 m weight 450 kg vol. 0.57 m3

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