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GTH-ZMS sweeper


A compact sweeper with a dia. 550 brush and container. The standard equipment includes a terrain copying system (floating system) and automatic, hydraulic emptying of the container. The sweeper’s design is enclosed, which limits the amount of dust that escapes during work.
Mechanical adjustment of brush height. Sweeper positioning at an angle, to the right or left, mechanical or hydraulic. Possibility of locking the container in open position and sweeping to the front. Side brush, dia. 500 mm, can be positioned on all planes. Sprinklers plus 105 l tank, pump output 13.2 l/min. Brushes available for selection – polypropylene + steel mix, polypropylene alone, or steel alone. Full rubber wheels, diameter 200 mm.

Side brush, diameter 550 mm 30 kg
Sprinkling tank 105 l 20kg
Hydraulic turning 10 kg


1.6 m weight 390 kg
1.8 m weight 415 kg
2.0 m weight 440 kg
2.2 m weight 465 kg

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