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GTH-SIRH Bedding Machine

    This 2-in-1 bale-loaded bedding machine serves for unwinding and spreading straw bales and for unwinding and distributing straw silage bales. It is perfectly suited for bedding in drive-thru barns, henhouses, and even for bedding of strawberry plantations.    Straw bedding at a distance up to 8 m depending on the straw.Oil demand 180 bar at a minimum of 40 l/min. The machine is hooked up by means of a frame for bale loading in three positions – forward bedding and right or left bedding. The amount of spread straw or straw silage is regulated using a potentiometer. A quick change from bedding to straw silage unwinding can be made by raising the spreader’s arm to its top position and turning the valve handle. The bedder’s design is the only one on the market that minimizes the possibility of straw falling under the machine.



Bale-loaded bedder, dia. 1.2-1.6 m, weight 480 kg 

Bale-loaded bedder, dia. 1.2-1.8 m, weight 590 kg

Bale unwinder, dia. 1.2-1.6 m, weight 440 kg

Bale unwinder, dia. 1.2-1.8 m, weight 550 kg



Available versions of bedding adapters
– toothed rotor spreader
– plate
– plate with straw shredder

Optional equipment
– version with hook-up from three sides
– version with adjustable speed of bale unwinding belt from the operator’s cabin
– bale holding frame, particularly useful in the case of the rotor adapter, where there is shredded straw

Every bedder is equipped with a frame (adapter) for loading of bales, as well as with a system for quick coupling of the bedder with simultaneous automatic connection of hydraulic supply (i.e. hydraulic hoses, without the need for the driver to get out of the tractor or loader). Such a system makes work substantially more efficient. One machine (tractor or loader) is used to load the bale, and it can be unwound with only one exit from the machine for removal of the mesh or cord from the bale. 

Screwed or welded to the quick-coupling frame (adapter).

The bedder is made of Alforma 700 steel, which made it possible to substantially reduce the machine’s weight while simultaneously increasing its strength and lifetime. Powder painting.

Subassemblies such as bearings, motors, hydraulic hoses and hydraulics from renowned brands on the market.

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