GTH-SIR IV bedding machine

GTH-SIR IV bedding machine

Machine description

The 2-in-1 GTH-SIRH bale spreader, in two versions of the fourth generation, is a device for unfolding and spreading straw bales as well as for unfolding and distributing haylage from the bale. It is perfect for drive-through barns, deep-litter barns, and free-stall barns. in poultry houses, and even when mulching strawberry plantations

Basic models
– S355 steel structure
– non-brand bearings, usually Czech or other
– gopart or zychyd engines
– Gates Premium hoses

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technical data

  • Toothed spreader-rotor:
    Straw bedding at a distance of up to 8 m, depending on the machine setting and straw quality.
  • Disc spreader:
    Bedding with a wider radius at a distance of up to 4 m.
  • Oil consumption: 140-220 bar and minimum 25-110 l / min this option is selected individually.
  • Connecting the machine with a frame for loading bales in three positions.
  • The amount of the litter straw or the set silage is regulated by a potentiometer.
  • Quick change from bedding to unrolling silage by raising the spreader arm to the upper position and turning the valve lever.
  • The design of the spreader minimizes the fall of straw under the machine, in strict cases, the possibility of installing special covers.
  • As a standard, each bedding machine has an attachment (adapter) with two teeth for loading bales and for quick attachment of the machine.
  • The bedding machine can be equipped with an automatic hydraulic power connection system (i.e. hydraulic lines without leaving the tractor or loader).
  • Such a system significantly improves work.
  • With one machine (tractor or loader), we will load the bale and spread it after leaving the machine only once in order to remove the net or twine from the bale.
  • The structure of the Bedding Machine is designed for continuous operation.
    As standard, all models are equipped with a limiter frame to determine the amount of litter, the advantage of using the limiter is that each bale is unrolled to the end.
  • Each machine is checked and pre-set
    Powder painting.
  • Each model can be retrofitted with additional available accessories at any time without any problems and effort

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