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GTH-RT 01 bedding machine


Bedding with a belt finds applications in the distribution of cut straw, sawdust, pellets for bedding of stations for cattle, henhouses, greenhouses or tree stands. The bedding machine has a specially designed scoop shape, preventing suspension of distributed material and significantly facilitating work when filling material. Additional option of applying a valve for adjustment of belt speed. Made from Alform 700 ultra-high strength steel

Abrasion-resistant blade 15×16 HB 500
Bearings from FAG, hoses for pressure up to 330 bar
Screw fastening
Hydraulic demand
180 bar and at least 40 l/min
Ejection on both sides up to 4 m
-height h=1.4 m
-width 1.3 m or other upon request
-depth 1.1 m
-capacity 1.2 m3
-screw fastening


1.3m capacity 1.2 m3 weight 390 kg
1.5m capacity 1.5 m3 weight 430 kg
1.8m capacity 1.8 m3 weight 490kg
2.0m capacity 2.0 m3 weight 540 kg

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