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 GTH-PD Tree transplanting machine 450

Shovels made of Durostat 450 abrasion-resistant steel
-Frame made of Alform 700 high-strength steel
– Open/close frame, bolt-locked by means of hydraulic actuators.
-Every shovel is controlled separately by means of hydraulic actuators
– Screw-fastened or welded fastening
Control by means of radio remote control from the acclaimed and valued company TeleRadio. There are two types of controls to choose from in the machine

1- Electrohydraulic control, where the distributor in the third section of the loader is used to move arms up and down, and the remote control is only used to switch between sections 1,2,3,4, arm and opening/closing. This is the standard control.
2- Electrohydraulic control in which all arm movements and opening/closing are done using the remote control.

Subassemblies such as bearings, hydraulic hoses and hydraulics from renowned brands on the market. In transplanting machines starting from 1.3 m in diameter, an innovative system of shovel guides and telescopic actuators has been applied, substantially reducing the machine’s total height and facilitating work.


4-arm transplanting machine 2 m weight 3800 kg
4-arm transplanting machine 1.8 m weight 3000 kg
4-arm transplanting machine 1.3 m weight 1200 kg
4-arm transplanting machine 0.8 m weight 640 kg
2-arm transplanting machine 0.5-0.2 m weight 240 kg

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