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 GTH-MB Concrete Mixer


This concrete mixer is an accessory for construction machinery, enabling effective concrete production at the construction site. It makes cement subcrusts, dry and wet concrete with strength up to C20/25, with the use of aggregate up to 32 mm. The scoop and mixer make it possible to minimize the cost of concrete production practically down to the cost of raw materials: aggregate, water and cement, and the costs of the equipment’s depreciation not significant. The scoop and mixer perform well even under the most difficult conditions, working wherever you need concrete, regardless of whether you need cement subcrust for paving work or strong concrete. – mixer, dia. 615 mm, thickness 15 mm and dia. 82 axis, 
– screw-fastened, replaceable mixer pivots
– we are the only ones on the market to apply screw-fastened inserts made of abrasion-resistant steel, 2-3 mm thick, in the mixing chamber. This solution substantially extends the mixer’s lifetime.
– 16×150 HB 500 blade, abrasion-resistant steel
– orbital drive with hydraulic motor Gopart SMT 350-600 cm3/rev, dia. 50 shaft
– drive transmission through wheels with double toothing, quench-hardened teeth and 16-B2 chain
– fastening screwed or welded to mixer
– bottom drain opened hydraulically via solenoid valve.
– opening protective flap with teeth for tearing bags
– DN12 2SC hydraulic hoses
Subassemblies like bearings, chain and others from renowned companies: FAG, Rexnord, Tsubaki.


Mixer 0.9 m3 weight 700 kg working width 1.8 m
Mixer 0.7 m3 weight 650 kg working width 1.6 m
Mixer 0.5 m3 weight 500 kg working width 1.4 m

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