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GTH-ŁZŚ Scoop with worm


The scoop and worm serve for collection and dispensing of feed into the feed trough. The scoop can also be used to distribute fodder such as cereals, granules, poultry feed, corn silage, as well as sawdust or woodchips. Distribution of the material takes place by means of a worm installed inside the scoop – driven by a hydraulic motor via chain transmission The feed outlet is equal to the worm’s diameter, which significantly facilitates feed distribution. The gate is closed automatically by changing the worm’s revolutions.
Screw fastening
The scoop is made of Alform 700 steel, which reduces the machine’s weight substantially while also increasing its strength and lifetime.
Parts exposed to wear, such as the worm and the stainless steel chute in which it revolves, are replaceable and screw-fastened. This solution substantially extends the entire machine’s lifetime.
Powder painting.
Subassemblies such as bearings, motors, hydraulic hoses and hydraulics from leading brands on the market.ku.

Variants 200 mm

-1.6m, weight 285 kg, 0.8 m3
-1.8m, weight 310 kg, 1.0 m3
-2.0m, weight 335 kg, 1.2 m3
-2.4m, weight 400 kg, 1.5 m3

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