GTH-ŁFM2 Feeding Bucket

GTH-ŁFM2 Feeding Bucket

Machine description

The GTH-LFM2 Feeding Bucket is an invaluable machine for preparing and dispensing TMR feed for beef and dairy cattle.
The bucket combines three functions, collecting feed from the silo-pile with a milling cutter, mixing the food with the agitator and distributing TMR using the flaps on the sides of the bucket to the forage corridor.
By picking up fodder such as haylage (grass length up to 10cm) with a cutter, the wall in the silo remains smooth and intact, which prevents aeration of the silage, its heating or rotting.
Inside the bucket, a replaceable stainless steel insert is mounted, which significantly extends the life of the mixer.
For the operation of the bucket, we only need one hydraulic power supply, just like the third section in the loader or loader, plus a 12Volt power supply to operate the hydraulic distributor.
Individual activities, such as opening the side flaps or the work of the milling cutter, are operated using a radio remote control. The use of radio control makes it easier for us to attach the bucket to another machine in a very short time.

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technical data

  • Use a 1.8 m wide bucket to prepare TMR for 18 dairy cows at a time.
  • We only need one machine, tractor or loader, to operate the bucket.
  • Average feed preparation time is around 10-15 minutes
  • The demand of hydraulics 180 bar and minimum 40L / min
  • Screw mounting
  • The bucket structure is made of Alform 700 steel, which significantly reduces the weight of the machine while increasing its strength and durability.
  • Powder painting.
  • Components such as bearings, motors, hydraulic lines and hydraulics from leading brands on the market.
  • Stirrer equipped with star knives for even better grinding.
  • 1.5 m, weight 720 kg 1.4 m3
  • 1.8 m, weight 800 kg 1.7 m3
  • 2.0 m, weight 840 kg 1.9 m3
  • 2.2 m weight 920 kg 2.1 m3
  • 2.5 m, weight 1100 kg 2.4 m3

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