Digging attachment GTH-RKS

Digging attachment GTH-RKS

Machine description

GTH-RKS digging attachment with a hydraulic swing of the arm with a working angle of 105 degrees. The new design, redesigned from the ground up, allows the digging arm to pivot left 49 degrees and right 56 degrees. Design solutions allow us to mount the arm with a twist adapter on a frame with three mounting sockets in the middle, on the left or on the right. Mounting the arm on the left or right side gives us the opportunity to work against walls or hard-to-reach places. We have a choice of two lengths of the front bodies (arms), also screwed on 1700 and 1200 mm. Power from third section on loader boom two hoses open close bucket. Use the solenoid valve on the arm to start the arm rotation. The arm rotation speed is regulated by the valve. The new model of the arm allows us to retrofit the machine at any time with the help of keys. You can buy only a turn for the rigid arm at any time and install it yourself without any problems.

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technical data

  • We can make any screw fasteners to choose from
  • pipes DN10 2SN 330 bar
  • attachment made of quality S355 steel
  • bucket kinetics as in an excavator
  • free digging depth up to 2 m with 1700 arm
  • free digging depth up to 1.5 m with arm 1200
  • blades in buckets made of wear-resistant steel
  • 30cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm spoons available, others on request
    lubricated moving places
  • Main hinge of rotation hardened chrome pin fully seated in brass sleeves floating, additionally self-lubricating spacers
  • all lubricated points. Weight of the arm Model GTH-RKS 1700 230 kg without mounting with a bucket 40 cm

Set contains

  • arm digging the body to choose the length of 1700 or 1200 with an actuator and wires \
  • rotation attachment with actuator, solenoid valve, control valve and hoses
  • electric cable to power the solenoid valve with a switch for mounting
  • main frame with three slots
  • screw mount optional
  • one spoon, regardless of the width, included in the price
  • Bucket 30 L 34 kg
  • Bucket 40 50L 45kg
  • Spoon 60 82L 60kg
  • Bucket 80 114 L 80 kg
  • Skarpowa 120 100L

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